Social media : a good or a bad thing ?


We’ve posted different articles about social media and whether they have a good or bad impact on our society but we are yet to come to a conclusion. Do you think that social media products such as Facebook and Twitter have a bad or good influence on our life? In this article we will present both the good and bad aspects of social media in order to come to a conclusion.

 First about the good aspect. There is no denying social media permit us to communicate much easily and faster, from a country to an other without difficulty. Moreover, the sharing of informations, pictures, ideas, opinion, video or every kind of content is now possible via the internet. Those two aspect are related by the idea that they create relations between people all over the world by reducing the communication barriers. The business world is also present in the social media (especially via Linked-in for example) and can represent a good opportunity to workers and employers, and also if you want to start a company for instance.

Then what about the negative aspect of social media ? Through our previous articles we talked about the idea of addiction, and it can lead to some kind of isolation for the users, the problem of cyber bullying and lack of protection of our personal informations on internet (digital shadow). Further more we haven’t talk about catfish in the blog but it’s also a “bad” aspect of social media, because it represent a threat to the people who use the social networks.

To conclude, the impact social media of social media is both positive and negative even though it’s more than essential in our lives since it’s getting difficult to communicate without it.

  • What do you think ?
  • Would you said that social media is a good or a bad thing ?
  • Do you find it essential ?
  • Don’t hesitate to leave commentaries to tell us your opinion ! 

2 thoughts on “Social media : a good or a bad thing ?

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  2. Hello !
    I would said that social media has indeed both benefits and inconvenient. It’s unusual that a subject only has advantages and be compared as a perfect thing. But I think it is very useful for everybody and I would qualify it as essential in our decade. Even if you can become addicted to several websites, it permits to keep contact with people who are far away from you for example, and this is really a good point !
    Have a good day, bye.

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